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Our Mission:Using the power and possibility of story we will educate,empower and support individuals and community organizations in efforts to prevent violence, promote peaceful resolution of conflict and foster inclusive,equitable and respectful communication locally, nationally and worldwide. *** *** *** *** We provide residencies,workshop training, and performance.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Featured Story of the Month: The King's Wisdom (taken from the Healing Arts Website link listed in resource page:

THE KING'S WISDOM a tale created by Susi Wolf
A wise king ruled a certain land for many years.
One day two thieves arrived in his Kingdom. For two days they watched the King as he walked through the marketplace or sat with his subjects beside a lake. They were astonished by his willingness to mingle among ordinary people, and waited until he was alone.
Early one morning they saw the King by himself. He was seated quietly by the lake watching the sun rise. They drew their daggers and threatened to kill him if he did not give them his jewels and his purse.
The King looked at the two strangers, and then calmy gave them his satchel filled with gold. He invited them to share what food and drink he had, saying "Forever remember that a King showed you love and kindness when you showed him your greed."
The thieves departed, deeply moved by what had taken place.
Word spread quickly about what had happened. And, one villager hearing the tale did as the thieves had done and waited until the King was again alone by the lake. He took his dagger and threatened the king as well.
The King looked up, "What do you wish?"
The man said, "I have come to kill you unless you give me your jewels and purse!" Then he added, "Can I have my gold now?"
The King smiled and said, "no."
"Why not?" stammered the man. "When two strangers threatened you they received gold. Would you do less for your own subject?"
The King sighed and answered, "Those two strangers were wounded by life. It is obvious that all they have known is misery and hardship. They needed the experience of love and compassion to show them another way to satisfy their needs. You, on the other hand, have been surrounded by family and friends your entire life. You lack for nothing. Your only motivation is pure greed. I offer you another kind of compassion by not giving you the gold. So, kill me if you must, but no reward will come your way."
With that the King arose and walked slowly back to his court . The man sat down by the lake and wept.